Water Jet U.S.A. has been producing high quality water-jet cutting and finishing machines since 1991.

The machines use pressurized water to cut through a wide range of materials laser like accuracy. The technology in use here can be used to slice through soft materials like fabrics leaving a clean edge, or even hard materials like granite.

The applications go further though and include hydro finishing of materials such stone using precision high speed water erosion, to softer materials where a pattern or texture can be left in the surface of the material.

Some machines allow abrasive cutting materials to be added to the water stream, increasing cutting efficiency. Some machines are ideal for use in large scale quarry and mining operations, where they can be used to cut through rock using high speed erosion, and even open up tunnels.

WaterJet U.S.A. is an industry leader. The company has a dedicated research and development division, which is focused on refining the technology already built into WaterJet U.S.A. machines, and on innovation that will keep the company and its products on the cutting edge.

High Speed Machinery Technologies Canada is proud to partner with WaterJet U.S.A., as an official supplier and distributor. 



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