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Sodick is a leading manufacturer of EDM machines, with more than
55,000 sold worldwide. 


Sodick’s North American headquarters is located in Schaumburg, IL
U.S.A.  The headquarters houses a $5 million parts and consumables
inventory that ensures rapid delivery. That means production at your manufacturing facility will continue without interruption, and that drives profitability.


Sodick also conducts continuous research that results in the integration of the newest technologies into Sodick EDM machines. In short Sodick products are truly innovative and that innovation improves your bottom line.


Sodick machines have become cornerstones in the following industries and the list of applications is growing.


  • Aerospace

  • Die Mold Making

  • Automotive

  • Medical

  • Micro Manufacturing

High Speed Machinery Technologies Canada is proud to be partnered with Sodick, not only because the Sodick brand stands for industry leading quality, but also because Sodick backs up its entire line with uncompromising customer service.

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