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HSM is proud to partner with Samag, a company based in Saalfeld, Germany.  Samag engineers and builds a variety of multi-spindle machines, including the MFZ series for large workpieces; the smaller, modular WBM series for up to six spindle deep drilling; and the combination TFZ series, which offers users the ability to bore and mill complex cubical workpieces on four sides with a single clamping. On the largest standard machine, large-scale mold making is possible, with a maximum drilling depth of 2,300 mm (over 90 inches), 65 mm (over 2½ inches) bore, and a 50-ton capacity work table.  

Samag also supplies complete turnkey operations, including robotic articulation, parts handlers, and transfer mechanisms for high-production work such as connecting rods and complete machining of differential housings.

Contact HSM for more information on the full line of Samag solutions.   

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