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High Speed Machinery Technologies Canada proudly offers products produced by FIDIA S.p.A., which was founded in 1974.  FIDIA develops, manufactures and sells Numerical Controls, Drives and Milling Machines for moulds & dies and aerospace applications.

FIDIA is based in Turin, with three Companies in Italy, one Joint Venture in China and eight Subsidiaries overseas, the FIDIA Group employs about 320 people and surpassed 50M Euro of T/O in 2012.  


FIDIA is a world leader in the field of Numerical Controls for the milling of complex surfaces.  The FIDIA line of HSM milling machines was launched in the early 1990's and has become a respected and entrenched brand in the moulds and dies sector.  The "K" series has revealed outstanding performance in aerospace applications.  


FIDIA invests a significant portion of its annual revenue in research and development projects.


Certified ISO9001 since 1996, FIDIA S.p.A. is constantly dedicated to improving the quality and reliability of its products. Technological know-how, constant innovation, product quality, highly skilled human resources, an international business presence and operation in a sector with a high growth potential: these are the critical factors behind FIDIA's success.

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