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cnc systems inc.

High Speed Machinery Technologies Canada has formed a strong partnership with CNC Systems Inc. which has become one of North America's premier importers of precision metal cutting machine tools.  The products offered by CNC Systems Inc. offer the newest technology, designs that enhance efficiency and productivity, and can be applied to diverse applications.


High Speed Machinery Technologies Canada is proud to represent CNC Systems Inc., because reliability forms the cornerstone of every machine we sell.  As part of that dedication to reliability, customer service is a paramount concern.  Complete support is provided at the time of purchase and long after the installation.  Support staff is always just a phone call away.


CNC Systems' exclusive US imports consist of:


  • AVEREX  high speed horizontal machining centers

  • VISION WIDE  large double column machining centers                        

  • ARES SEIKI high speed drilling and tapping centers                                                         

CNC Systems is also partnered with some of America’s most reputable machine tool importers providing distribution sales of

Eurotech for its multi-axis high performance lathes and the new line up of Swiss Screw Machines in the New England region.


High-speed Horizontal Machining Center

Vision wide

Introduction video

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